Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chilly Billy

Once upon a time Chilly Billy was snoozing in his bed of crushed ice when he heard some sort of buzzing so he went down the stairs which he shouldn't have done because the buzzing was coming from half bumblebee half minotaur, so the minotaur went after him so Chilly Billy zoomed into the mousehole and found a mouse. The mouse zoomed after him but Chilly Billy ran to the wall.

So they both crashed so hard together that they died.


Once upon a time, Supergran woke up and got out of bed and found this funny machine. So she jumped out of the window onto the roof that was about 80 metres high and she dived and landed on her finger straight in the strange thing.

She fiddled about with the buttons and pulled a lever and in just a second she was circling over Russia, England and Iceland. Until she came to Africa but still worse, she was in The Sahara Desert. So she went out of the funny thing into the dry sand where she saw a motorbike in the distance going a million miles an hour. So when it was near her she jumped on it, but it would not stop. So she jumped off it and smashed it just before it hit someone so the person thanked her for the help.

So she went home in the thing.

Mr Twit

Mr Twit was furious. He said "Out out and stay out!" Johnny walked straight into the holly bush, so he went back to Mr Twit and the same thing happened. He did these things until Mr Twit died of disappointment. And that was the end of Mr Twit

The Worst Witch

One day miss H.B was teaching how to make toys and they at least had to make 20000000 toys. "Gosh" said Mildred, "This is hard work, if only Miss H.B was not here. Oh no we have got too much egg for the toy rocket that's it we put too much egg in the rocket and instead of being made of plastic, it will be real. And we can go out to space and get away from H.B. So they did and they lived happily ever after but that was not the same as Miss H.B